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Heart Beat of Revival

Atticus_Dec_2016January 2018

God has a people for all seasons and for all times. Throughout history God has always showed up when people are desperate for God, when there is a crisis and when people are crying out from their heart for refreshing revival.

If you are like me; looking at the world and all the current events, we are in a time where there is crisis and where there is a need for refreshing and for revival.  Ps 85:6 presents us with a question! "Will you not revive us again, that you people may rejoice in you?"

Revival has to be sparked in the hearts of a people who want and desire the presence of God. This desire for God comes from times of our seeking out God in our meditation, prayer time and times in the Word of God getting to know him, the author of the Word!

It is Holy Spirit that breathes on us the "wind" of revival and it is from that place that it begins to spread into our familes, our church and the marketplaces that are around us. This is the reason that Jesus c
ame. That is, so that there could be a earth shaking, mind changing renewal in the hearts of the beleivers and that people come to the knowlege that Jesus is the Saviour of all mankind.
I am convinced that we are living in a time that a harvest of the lost will come through a revival that is destinctly birthed in the hearts of Gods' people. God is willing to send revival when our hearts are open to receive it.
So, as his people let us be those that seek the sending of "Revival" and let him renew our hearts and our lives, so that we can be the world changers that he has called us to be in this time of the coming of a great harvest in His Kingdom.

We cannot let our passion for God or Revival die. We must pursue him and his presence until he comes again for us "His Church and Bride".

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